Have you heard of the story of Honi and the Carob Tree?

One day, Honi the Circle Maker was walking on the road and saw a man planting a carob tree.
Honi asked the man, “How long will it take for this tree to bear fruit?
The man replied, “Seventy years.”
Honi then asked the man, “And do you think you will live another seventy years and eat the fruit of this tree?”
The man answered, “Perhaps not. However, when I was born into this world, I found many carob trees planted by my father and grandfather. Just as they planted trees for me, I am planting trees for my children and grandchildren so they will be able to eat the fruit of these trees.”

Student activism. Vietnam War. Sexual revolution. Hippie movement. This was the 1960’s in America. The core leaders of that generation launched war on mainstream Judeo-Christian culture.

Their efforts, known as the counterculture movement, shifted American society radically away from its Biblical roots.

Today those young men and women of the counterculture generation are in positions of power and influence in government, education, media, business, arts and entertainment, affecting not just America but the nations of the world.

There is great urgent need for godly leaders to be in the forefront of the major forces that are shaping our world. Taking back our culture will not happen overnight. But we need to start now in training leaders who will take over these major forces for God’s Kingdom. This is GLDI’s goal. And this is why we need your support.

We seek to provide scholarships to every GLDI student who is in need. This is only possible through the generosity of people like you who see the vision. Your sponsorship will help our students learn and be mentored to become the kind of leaders God will use to change the shift of our world towards Christ.

Would you be a carob planter–sowing into our future for God’s Kingdom and glory? 

If you would like to obtain more information, please contact us at 323.933.4055 or email us at info@jamagldi.org.